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LifeStream - uOttaHack 4

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Project Overview:

The team was challenged to design a solution within 48 hours that supports frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our solution is a real-time streaming web application to help facilitate communication between healthcare facilities.

Teammates: Belinda Hoang, Sharon Mukhi, Sujeethan Vigneswaran

My Role:


  • Conducted secondary research 

  • Created a clickable high-fidelity prototype

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Figma

System: Desktop (Browser)

The Problem:

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted out healthcare system, resulting in a higher number of hospitalized patients.

The Solution:

LifeStream is an ADT healthcare data streaming applications that allows for real-time communication between hospitals across Canada through event-driven architecture.


The problem of increased hospitalizations was investigated to gain a deeper understanding of how COVID-19 has impacted the Canadian healthcare system.

We asked ourselves:




We conducted secondary research on the ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) system that is used to communicate a patient's admission, discharge, or transfer status from hospitals.

Healthcare providers rely on the ADT system to ensure that patients receive adequate care across multiple healthcare institutions.

Currently, the response time in receiving ADT notifications is lacking, causing delays in communication at the expense of patient health.

How can we leverage data and technology to support frontline workers during the global pandemic?

The Goal

To improve patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating efficient patient management and communication within and between hospitals.

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Technical Infrastructure

Cloud-based software was used to create three applications that manage real-time ECG and pulse data, patient medical history, and ADT status.

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We also incorporated the Apple Watch Heart Rate application to send the patient's current heart rate data to the cloud sever.

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The Solution

LifeStream is an ADT healthcare data streaming application that allows for real-time communication between hospitals across Canada through event-driven architecture.

Users are able to monitor data from other hospitals and distribute patients in real-time, facilitating effective communication between healthcare institutions.

Monitor hospital capacity in real-time​ and receive up-to-date information about current bed occupancy and PPE supply


View and sort patient ID and ADT status between hospitals.

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Receive real-time ADT patient updates, patient heat rate, medical history, and contact information.

Patient Profile.png

View the capacity status of other hospitals across a given province to help facilitate efficient patient transfer.

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What I Learned:

This was my first hackathon! I really enjoyed the experience working with a computer scientist for the first time, as I was always curious how my ability would mesh with those from a non-designer background.

  • Effective communication between designers and non-designers: prior to uOttaHacks, I was only familiar working with other designers, which allowed me to make assumptions while communicating ideas. As such, I learned how to effectively communicate my ideas with non-designers in a way that actively involves everyone in the user experience development process.

  • How to juggle responsibilities when the stakes are high: The opportunity of working with non-designers has given me a more explicit understanding of what needs to be prioritized. As such, I learned how to efficiently manage my work as a designer when under pressure.

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