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Hello, my name is Austin!

I'm a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Information in User Experience Design at the University of Toronto. I am passionate about designing accessible software and applications so that I can improve the lives of others in meaningful ways.

I am currently working at RideFlag as a User Experience Design Assistant.

Check out my most recent projects, I hope you see something you like!


2021 Design for Change

How can we encourage individuals within communities to consume more sustainably in order to reduce waste and save the environment?

Frame 6.png


2021 uOttaHack 4

How can we leverage data and technology to support frontline workers during the global pandemic?

lifestream revamp.png


2020 UX Mobile Design Final

UGroups is a mobile application aimed at helping students manage their involvement in extracurriculars.

ugrous revamp.png

Toronto Humane Society

2020 IA Redesign Final

An IA redesign of the Toronto Humane Society website.

THS revamp.png
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